UGD Evcil - Köpekler için Biotin ve Çinko Tableti

Vitamin ve Besin Takviyeleri - Köpekler için Biotin ve Çinko Tableti

Köpekler için Biotin ve Çinko Tableti

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Alt Kategori : Vitamin ve Besin Takviyeleri

75 tablets


Supplementary product with Zinc and Biotinmade to bright feather and the formation of healthy skin of dogs.

  • Has been specially formulated in order to meet the needs of biotin and zinc.
  • BIODERM-DOGstrengthens the health of your dog’s skin and fur and reduces fur loss with zinc and biotin.
  • Increases the durability of your nails.
  • Allows your dog to be more resistant against diseases and strengthens your dog’s immune system.

In the content; Zinc, are vital for the synthesis of collagen and keratin. Therefore, there are healing properties and helps make more beautiful the fur of animals.

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