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Vitamin ve Besin Takviyeleri - Kedi ve Köpekler İçin Kalsiyum Tableti

Kedi ve Köpekler İçin Kalsiyum Tableti

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Alt Kategori : Vitamin ve Besin Takviyeleri

84 tablets


With Vitamin D

A supplementary product produced to provide the calcium our pet friends need at every stage of life.

As it is for humans, calcium is the most used mineral in animal body. In addition to its role in formation of bones and teeth, it also has a very important place in blood clotting, joint structure, pule regulation and restoration of neural system.

Therefore, it is very important to meet the daily calcium need of our friends. Especially in pregnancy and nursing periods both the mother and the young have an increased need for calcium.

Similarly, rapid growing and large breeds continues to grow until 24 months of age. In this critical period of time any lack of calcium may cause life-long, irreparable skeletal problems.

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