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Puppy Milk Powder

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Subcategory : Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Food supplement for your puppy, based on natural mothers milk, including protein, vitamins, minerals and oils with a balanced formula.

Providing for all the nutrition needs of prematurely separated puppies, Puppy Milk Powder,includes all necessary vitamins and minerals and helps healthy muscle and bone growth.

It could also be used as a nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating mothers or old and weak adults.

Its lactose content is reduced in order to prevent diarrhea. Thus Puppy Milk Powder provides a healthy and easily digestible nutrition for your cat.

L- Carnitin: It is used for metabolizing the fatty acids within the body and transforming them into energy within the cells. It helps to reduce the fat amount of the body, losing weight, and to turn the fat in between unsused muscle mass into energy.


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